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Absolutely not! Of course, it may help you feel more comfortable when speaking to individuals in the market place, but you’ll discover how easy it is to pick up enough information so you sound like a professional.

While no one has a crystal ball in sales, expect to be without a commission for 6-9 months depending on when you start. In the meantime, you’ll be building a reputation and book of business that can sustain you and your family into the future if you can get over that first hurdle.

Phase 1 is the Getting Started Phase. Getting started involves a few investments:

$2,499 one-time fee for the in person 2 Day Training (payment plans available).

$399 per month “desk fees” for ongoing training.

The Jet Life Academy will include discovering WHO your target customer is and WHAT problem you solve.

Day 1 AM – An Overview of the Private Aviation World

Day 1 PM – Why people sell their Jets. Why people buy Private Jets. Creating your customer profile so you know how to speak to them effectively.

Day 2 AM – Sales Scripts & Overcoming Objections

Day 2 PM – Market Research on specific makes/models & learning how to ask effective questions to generate professional conversations with high net worth individuals whom you can help

The breakdown of what it takes to get a listing is as follows:

1 Listing comes from sending out on average 5 solid listing agreement proposals. (20% success rate)

Those 5 proposals come from approx 500 conversations with owners (5% success rate)

Those 500 conversations came out of dialing at least 10,000 phone numbers (5% success rate)

If you made 100 phone calls a day, working 5 days a week, it would take you 20 weeks to get 1 listing.

The good news is, while getting a listing IS a numbers game, there’s also an element of timing and luck. Sometimes you get a listing in your first WEEK!

Also keep in mind that the goal is to have a handful of listings under your belt in this time frame, not just 1.

Once you secure the listing then we move on to SELLING!

At the end of the day it all comes down to the PAY-OFF. You’ve worked hard for 4-6 months, so what does the commission look like?

Back in PHASE 2, when you got a listing, you would have negotiated a commission. Let’s use a standard 6% commission on a $300k Jet.

You would make $7,200 selling that Jet. If you sold 14 Jets that year, you would make $100k take home.

Is this doable? Absolutely, I sold 20+ jets a year in my first two years as a jet broker. But, is there a BETTER way to make more money? YES! There are two ways to make more money: sell a more expensive jet or get a better split with the company.

Now just because a jet is more expensive doesn’t mean you always get more money. For example, a $10m Gulfstream won’t be paying you 6%! But 6% of a $500k or $1m Jet is definitely an improvement over 6% of a $300k Jet. The catch is, you can’t move into those better Jets without getting the experience first.

Now a 60/40 split may make sense when you’re first starting out – especially since the brokerage is investing a lot of time, energy, and effort into training you, but what happens when you become more self sufficient? In most brokerages, you’re stuck. But what if there was a commission structure that encouraged you to make more sales so that you can make more money as your commission split increases?

Based on the Jet Life Model, instead of selling 14x $300k Jets a year to get to $100k, if you sold only 11.5 $300k jets a year, you’d get to $100k. But let’s say you make a jump and go for selling $1m Jets @ 6%. Well normally at 60/40 it would take you a little over 4 Jet sales to get there, with the Jet Life Model, you can see that $100k cap in just 3 transactions.

And here’s the best part, once you hit $100k in commission, your split will increase to the point where YOU get the majority of the commission, instead of the brokerage.

But wait there’s more. What if the Brokerage actually encouraged you to build up other brokers and paid you for their success? Based on this marketing plan, it is possible!

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